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Crosby Communication System

Conducted by Authorised Crosby Trainers:


We offer a comprehensive product and application training that addresses most of the Crosby product lines. 

A) Fundamentals of Rigging (Basic Rigging Awareness)
B) Block Concepts
C) CrosbyIP Clamps with Eliminators & Chain Slings
D) Socketing Training Program


*Customised training sessions are also available


Please contact us to arrange for a Training Session that will suit your operational requirements. 

Mechanical Splicing


Wire rope splicing is the formation of a knot between two parts of the same rope or between two separate ropes by separating and unraveling the strands and interweaving the threads together to produce a strong joint. Splicing forms a very strong knot which stays secure even if exposed to water.


Our splicing machine allows us to work with various sizes of wire rope of different construction which range from 3mm to 76mm in diameter.

Rope End Terminations


Wire rope is a very useful tool. However, for the wire rope to be utilised, some approved type of termination must be attached. Lam Hong provides a variety of fittings designed specifically to terminate wire rope.


The type of end termination selected is determined by the application and strength required of the final assembly. Each wire rope termination attaches with a special method which may affect the strength of the wire rope.


With the annealing machines installed, we can utilise the machine to taper the wire rope ends to avoid strands from loosening during operations. Socketing or swaging of different wire rope sizes can be also carried out in our workshop.


The purpose of swaging is to produce an efficient termination in the end of wire rope that is permanent. Done properly, the swaging process will produce one of the most reliable and efficient terminations available. 


Swaging is a cold forming fabrication method used to permanently attach a specially heat treated forged steel fitting to wire rope in order to form slings, boom pendants or other useful devices for lifting. 


  • 1500 Ton National Hydraulic Swaging Press
  • 500 Ton National Hydraulic Swaging Press


Proof Load Testing


Our GERRO Tensile Testing Machine allows us to carry our load tests and destruction tests on any wire rope slings, chain slings, shackles and lifting belts up to 200 Metric Tonnes.


The Proof Load Testing Machine is a Grade A Machine approved and certified by the Singapore Institute of Standards and Industrial Research (SISIR), the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and Lloyd’s Register.


Load Testing:

  • Chains & Chain Blocks
  • Chain Slings
  • Lifting Belts
  • Master Link
  • Slings
  • Shackles
  • Sockets & End Terminations
  • Wire Ropes

Wire Rope Spooling


Lam Hong provides spooling services for wire rope and other cable coiling requests. We have an experienced team that is committed to provide rope service round the clock.

MOM Testing & Certification


With the required space and machinery, we are able to conduct MOM testing and in-house testing and certification for our valued customers.