• Mechanical Splicing

    Our splicing machine allows us to work with various sizes of wire rope of different construction which range from 3mm to 76mm in diameter.

  • Socketing, Swagging & Other End Terminations

    With the annealing machines installed, we can utilise the machine to taper the wire rope ends to avoid strands from loosening during operations. Socketing or swagging of different wire rope sizes can be also carried out in our workshop.

  • 200 Tonnes Tensile Testing Machine

    Our GERRO Tensile Testing Machine allows us to carry our load tests and destruction tests on any wire rope slings, chain slings, shackles and lifting belts up to 200 tonnes.

  • Wire Rope Spooling Services

  • MOM & In-House Testing & Certification

    With the required space and machinery, we are able to conduce MOM testing and in-house testing and certification with our valued customers.